Rachel Ray = Terrorist?

Yesterday Dunkin’ Donuts pulled a commercial featuring Rachel Ray wearing a black and white scarf that they thought could be portraying her as a terrorist sympathizer.   Dunkin’ Donuts, really?  Really?  They were afraid that the ignorant American public would confuse her scarf with a keffiyeh, a symbol for murderous jihad.  See for yourself.  I think the ad makes it clear that Dunkin’ Donuts is declaring a jihad against rational Americans, not to mention a jihad against good tasting coffee (but I think that just might be a west coast bias…).


1 Response to “Rachel Ray = Terrorist?”

  1. 1 Dana 6 June 2008 at 8:01 am

    My roommate works for the ad firm in Boston that puts those commercials together. Supposedly, she’s a total diva on the set and they’re just counting down the days until her contract runs out.

    I for one think that the only terror she’s causing is of the literary persuasion with catch phrases like “sammies.”

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